What I’ve Been Watching: Hunger Games: Catching Fire

you can observe a lot just by watching


I enjoyed the first movie in the Hunger Games franchise a lot. It was a good, engaging, clever teenage story about a girl doing her best to survive in a world where the odds were certainly not in her favour. I think it’s a film that’s went up in people’s estimation since it was released.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire sees Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) try and cope with life having won The Hunger Games in the first film. Unfortunately for her, not much has changed. Although she’s become a hero to loads of people across the twelve Districts, and a figurehead for rebellion, she has lost all her personal freedom. “Victors’ Village” being little more than a glorified prison for her and fellow winner, Peeta.

The rest of the film sees the two keep up the charade of love for the benefit of President Snow, who has made it all…

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